Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What a day for a daydream...

It's been really nice outside, so I've been having lots of sylvan kinds of daydreams (along with a disturbing amount of housewifey daydreams, accompanied by copious amounts of "fancy" cooking). But here's where I've been spending a lot of time lately:

Lovely, no? Here's what I've been doing indoors:

More Storybook goodness. I can't wait utnil my online shop is up, I want to show off my pretties. I'm supposed to do a festival coming up next month, but I just found out last week that I need to have all my tax stuff straight in order to do it, and I'm not sure if I can get it together in time. It's really a shame, because I would quite like to do it, I think.

Ah, well, such is life. I'll still apply to be a vendor, and we'll see what happens.

Now back to another fabulous episode of MST3K (oh, how I adore Tom Servo!)


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Inspired Tokens said...

Just stumbled onto your the pictures. So peaceful. Also cannot wait for your website to be up and running, look forward to seeing what items you will create.