Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Well, oops...

Don't you hate when you set out to do something, but it turns into something else completely inadvertently? I started this doodle last night, intending for it to be a guy being pissed at someone in profile, but it turned into something ... else. It turned into Yuki and Shuichi from the BL anime Gravitation (which, by the way, is amazing, and now one of my favorites ever. Duane, you would HATE it).

That show has really gotten into me so much in the last few days, after having watched the whole series one day, and the OVA the next. It's so sweet and funny and dark, plus Yuki is possibly my favorite anime character of all time (sorry, Shigure, you have competition). He's such a dick - he's perverted, rude, cold, moody and mean - but he's brilliant, and he loves Shuichi so much.

Gotta love fairytales, right? I wish things that existed in cartoons could be real. But, even if they can't be, it's still kind of comforting to dream.

By the way, I hate the picture I drew. I may or may not finish it. The one on the left (Yuki, if you will) has a badly-proportioned face, and the hairline is so wrong, it's not even amusing. Maybe I'll color it to NOT look like Yuki and Shu, and it won't be so bad. Or, maybe I'll add in their left hands with their wedding rings, and just be a completely pathetic fangirl.

Oh, well. I'm off now to try again at drawing someone being pissed. Wish me luck.


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