Thursday, August 23, 2007

Crafty Slacker

Okay, so I've been a bad crafter lately.

But, here's what I've been doing instead:

What do you think? Has it been worth the recent lull in productivity? No? Well, I guess not, but it makes me feel better.

Have you ever had the overwhelming desire to simply stay in a moment, because you know you may never geet that feeling back? I had one of those times yesterday morning - after having gone into work at 8am, and having found out that I wasn't actually supposed to work that day, I came back home and had another cup of coffee, and went back to bed. It was pouring rain, and I had the windows open, and it smelled lovely and chilly, so I bundled up into my canopy bed with my favorite blankets. The light was so fuzzy, like it was being sifted through the atmosphere of the morning, and everything outside my canopy looked surreal, as if it were painted into place. There was a flock of wild turkeys outside my window, and they were fighting, but everytime the thunder would sound, they would make little frightened, surprised noises, which would get the crow in the tree above them going. All the lovely sounds, smells and sights combined to create my perfect morning.

The view from where I lay:

Now I really MUST get back to my sketchbook, and to "Boxing Helena," which I have so rudely interrupted to jot down this post.

Here's to misty, distilled-gloom mornings


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Katie said...

I love these! The turtle girl... I absooooluuutely feel like her somedays! =^.^=