Saturday, September 1, 2007


I have finally set up an Etsy shop! Go here and see what's up (and what's for sale so far):

Now maybe I can actually SELL something, instead of hoarding like usual.

In other news, I am completely over-the-moon in love with this guy:

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for deformity (is that so wrong, really?). I was in love with weird-looking superheroes as a small girl (and a teenage girl, and a twenty-something girl), and no-one did it for me so much as the Toxic Avenger. It's been years since I have seen "Toxic Avenger" or "Toxic Crusaders" (the kid-friendly morning cartoon version of Toxie), but, thanks to my amazing boyfriend, I now have all four movies. Let me tell you. "Toxic Avenger" is basically my perfect movie. I get all nostalgic for him when I watch it, which is nice, plus the movie has a lot of great humor in it that I can appreciate as an adult, as opposed to just the brutal, gory violence that I loved as a child. Numbers II through IV are not-so-good, though. I had only ever seen the first two -III was difficult to make it through, and I actually had to turn off IV a few times (and not just because of the filthy shock-value humor). I am beaming now, having watched the original about three times so far, replaying all my favorite parts, of course (Oh, Melvin, how I love your cheesy, '80s falling-in-love montage).

My heart is pounding just thinking about Toxie kicking the asses of those jerks who pointed a gun at a baby. Ah, how I love him.

If only I hadn't gotten rid of my collection of T.A. stuff - comics, toys, what have you. Ah, well, I'm off to scour eBay now.


- Sarah

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