Friday, September 28, 2007

Hooray! Some new things have been added to the shop, including the first of the "Mixed Media" necklaces. I have been making these necklaces on and off for the past two or three years, and after many requests to add them to my inventory, they are finally here!

Well, I say "they," but there is only one so far. But, have no fear - there will be more on Saturday.

Here are the new goodies:

Oh, and that one in the upper left? So hard to let that one go. I love it so....

I keep fooling around with my banners, but I really need to pick one and stick to it. I have a feeling that the current banner will not be around long. I want something fairytale-ish, but not too childish-looking. I think that fairytales are the most perfect form of storytelling, and they influence most aspects of my life in one way or another, so I want my "brand" banner to reflect their impact on my work. Anything whimsical, dark, and fantastical is right up my alley.

Look for more this weekend (I have ALL WEEKEND off - that has never happened to me while working at the Gap), and I plan on working on Strange Bird.

I'll see you soon!


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