Thursday, October 18, 2007

A new little friend

...has just alighted in the shop, and she is pretty precious! Here's a peek:

She is Martine, the French Refugee Mouse. To read her story, or to give her a home, go here.

I've just returned from a very satisfying trip to Michael's, where I purchased copious amounts of tiny objects. WAY more than I should have, that's for sure. Here, let me show you:

From left to right, top to bottom, we have (all miniatures): rolling pins, clothespins, white doves, trick-or-treat buckets, drums, teacups and saucers, candy canes, speckled eggs, (even though you can't tell, I promise that they are) the TINIEST buttons ever, wooden balls, top hats, thread spools, wooden blocks, wooden toys (two containers' worth!), birds' nests, twine, ribbon, a new "thank you" stamp for packaging, a pincushion tomato, more buttons, cowboy hats, Chinese takeout boxes, popcorn bags, shopping bags, Christmas lights, and another stamp for packaging. WHEW! That's a lot of tinies! I'm so excited to get sculpting!

What a great day it's been so far (despite the fact that I have a headache, and feel altogether as if I ran full-tilt into a brick wall). A real breakfast always makes the rest of my day awesome, and my darling Dad made eggs, bacon (which I hadn't eaten in almost eight years before today!), and coffee. Delicious!

Now I'm off to start on another little creature, so I'll see you later!



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